Dear Mr. Corbett,

I am a resident of ___________________, located along the Raritan Valley Rail Line. I have been following the various articles, posts and commentary regarding the ‘one seat’ ride.    

A “one-seat” ride would eliminate the frequently inconvenient and uncertain transfer at Newark Penn Station and decrease travel times. The Raritan Valley Line deserves “one-seat” service now. It is the only rail line in New Jersey with existing track connectivity to Penn Station NY that does not offer “one -seat” service. Of all those lines, the Raritan Valley’s ridership represents 10 percent of NJ Transit’s total rail ridership.  

There is no alternative project, such as new tunnels, that could be built any sooner than 10+ years. The dual-powered locomotives should be used not only in off-peak weekday travel, but also for weekend travel and weekday peak period time.

Based on the explosive growth of ridership and real estate values experienced by the Morris & Essex Lines after those lines achieved a “one seat” ride in 1996, it is VERY important for the economic growth of our communities to achieve a reasonably similar level of service. I urge you to commit to deploying NJ TRANSIT’s dual -powered locomotives on the Raritan Valley Line and implementing a satisfactory level of “one-seat” service on the Line as soon as possible.

Thank you for your consideration.





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