The Time is Now!

10 Sep 2016 

The Raritan Valley Rail Coalition is an advocacy group that was established in 1999 to work toward getting a direct train (also referred to as a ‘one seat’ ride) into NYC on the Raritan Valley Rail Line. For many years the main obstacle was that only diesel trains ran on the line and for safety reasons could not go through the tunnel into NYC.

However, this changed in 2014 when NJ TRANSIT put dual powered locomotives into service. The Coalition advocated strongly for them to be used on our line and NJ TRANSIT finally scheduled the first direct trains on weekdays in late morning and early afternoon in March of 2014.

After much encouragement from the public, NJ TRANSIT scheduled additional weekday trains after 8 pm in January of 2015. However, lack of funding has been given as the main reason why no additional direct trains have been scheduled, leaving commuters in the peak times and on weekends still dealing with the chaos of changing trains in Newark.

The time is NOW for Raritan Valley to get the complete ‘one seat’ ride!  Have you signed the Petition?