Commuter Comments

10 Jun 2016 

When commuters are signing the petition, they are also leaving comments.  Here are a few of them!

“One-seat ride on the Raritan Valley Line will be an economic boon to the entire area along this rail line, and will provide a dramatic improvement in the quality of life to RVL commuters. Please fight for one-seat ride during peak travel. Thank you!”

“I commute into the city.  What a difference it makes to my stress levels on the nights I’m late in the city and catch a one seat ride on my way home.  But I can’t miss time with my family every evening to wait for the 8:49 train.  So I catch a train to Newark, praying that it’s not delayed so I don’t miss my connection.  If it is delayed, I spend time worrying about whether they’ll hold the connection in Newark, which only happens about 50% of the time.”
“Boost NJ economy by adding more RVL trains to have one seat ride access during peak weekday times and on weekends.”