Facts About the RVRC

Facts About the Raritan Valley Rail “Ultimate one seat ride”

  • Raritan Valley Line is NJ TRANSIT’s only major line with track connectivity to NYC without access to a “One Seat” ride and it represents 10% of total ridership of all lines with connectivity.
  • “One Seat” ride currently possible without major construction by using NEW dual powered locomotives.
  • Dual-powered locomotives were used in a few midday time slots in March of 2014 and there has been a commitment to provide “one seat” access after 8 pm in January of 2015.
  • Alternative plans to give Raritan Valley access to a “One Seat” ride such as new rail tunnels are uncertain, costly and at best, many years in the future.
  • “One Seat” ride will decrease travel time and increase property values. (When the Morris and Essex line got the “One Seat” Ride in 1996 property values along the line rose significantly.)