What are Your Thoughts on NJ TRANSIT Survey?

18 Aug 2016 

What are your thoughts about NJT’s latest survey results, which were released at a meeting on August 18th.

They are pointing to gains from the survey done earlier this year. Here are the key points were pulled out and that would like your response to:
System wide, overall Satisfaction was ranked 6.3 on a scale of 1 to 10 (up from 6.2) It’s the second highest from 6.4 in Q1 FY 14.
By mode: The least satisfied are riders of the Morris & Essex Lines New York interstate buses and Hudson Bergen Light rail.

Northeast corridor riders were fifth least satisfied. Montclair-Boonton and Paacack valley line riders tried for second least satisfied.
NJCL and RVL tied for third, Main-Bergen was fourth.
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