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Rail Coalition Meeting to Feature Updates on One Seat Ride, Hudson River Tunnel, Penn Station & Other Projects

10 May 2017 

Public Invited to May 15th Meeting CRANFORD – Legislators, elected officials, transportation professionals and the public are invited to the next meeting of the Raritan Valley Rail Coalition on Monday, May 15, starting at 6 p.m. at the Cranford Community Center. Somerset County Freeholder Director and RVRC Chairman Peter S. Palmer will summarize the coalition’s […]

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Poll Shows Support for New Hudson River Tunnel at All Time High

04 May 2017 

Adding a new Hudson River rail tunnel connecting New Jersey to New York City is important to an overwhelming majority of New Jersey voters, a new poll shows. According to a Quinnipiac University Poll released Thursday, 54 percent of voters say new tunnel is “very important” and 31 percent say it’s “somewhat important.” Only 7 […]

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Patience Will Be Needed in Coming Weeks

26 Apr 2017 

Your NJ Transit train is going to be delayed by 30 minutes “indefinitely” during the week and your ride may take normal than usual, and the embattled agency says you can thank Amtrak for it. Officials said the delays for riders traveling to and from Penn Station New York are due to speed restrictions because of […]

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RVRC Trustee Martin Robins Co-authors Guest Column on Penn Station

25 Apr 2017 

The aftermath of the recent derailments at Penn Station New York has been marked by finger-pointing, threats to withhold payments and demands for Congressional investigations. Transportation experts recognize that the facility’s divided usage and split management responsibilities leads to poor accountability and inefficiency. This institutional dysfunction has been recognized for years. It can and ought to […]

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Finger Pointing Does Not Change Reality

21 Apr 2017 

Now, now boys. If you can’t share your train sets we’re going to have to take them away from you. My brothers and I used to hear that from our parents after Christmas. Haven’t our leaders heard it? Apparently not. Last week Chris Christie got into a spitting match with Amtrak officials over the thorny […]

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Changes in Funding Raise Questions

08 Apr 2017 

Changes in Federal funding to Amtrak are raising questions about the future of various projects.

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What Commuters are Saying

31 Mar 2017 

Comment on Facebook: So much talk but no action… us Raritan Valley line riders have every right to a one seat ride as other lines like Dover and etc. We continue to be treated as second class citizens on NJT. I miss my connections 1-2 a week mostly due to delays out of New York. […]

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Overview Of the Gateway Project

30 Mar 2017 

While there have not been any new developments in recent months, the concept of the Gateway Project is still alive – just on hold.  For anyone who has questions, go and visit the following link to see a full overview of the plans.

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Transportation Gets National Focus

26 Mar 2017 

The concept of transportation is getting national focus -now the trick is to get them to look at Raritan Valley!

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Gateway Project Even More Important

22 Mar 2017 

Conditions at Penn Station in New York are yet another reason why the Gateway Project is so important.

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Have You Taken the Survey?

27 Feb 2017 

New Jersey Transit is always asking commuters to give them input on what needs to be improved.  Have you taken the survey?  Click on this link

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NJ Transit Looks to Riders for Ways to Improve Communication

22 Feb 2017 

 NJ Transit riders identified the same issues at the end of 2016 as they did in surveys conducted earlier in the year, according to the latest results released in early 2017.

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Transportation News

17 Feb 2017 

In the following video, transportation issues are discussed.  The final point talks about Port Authority projects.

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Yet Another Reason for Needing a ‘One Seat’ Ride to NYC!

10 Feb 2017 

An interesting look at Newark Train Station – what is your opinion?  

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Transport Nominee Says Gateway Tunnel is Important

01 Feb 2017 

Elaine Chao, Donald Trump‘s nominee for U.S. transportation secretary, said the Gateway Tunnel project would appear to be “very important.” Chao, who served as labor secretary in President George W. Bush’s administration, told a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing that she hadn’t been briefed on the project to build two new rail tunnels […]

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