Four Steps to the Ultimate "One-seat" Ride

(One Seat Ride Means No Change in Newark)

  • Step One: Off peak, mid day (launched March 3rd, 2014)  
  • Step Two: After 8 pm, week day (coming Nov. 2014)  
  • Step Three: Week-end service for entire line  
  • Step Four: Two Trains Peak Hour AM and PM  

One Seat Service in Jeopardy – RVRC to Hold Special Meeting Oct. 27


Representatives of the Raritan Valley Rail Coalition (RVRC) gathered Wednesday afternoon for their quarterly meeting with NJ TRANSIT officials to discuss details of Phase Two of the One-Seat Ride initiative, only to learn that NJ TRANSIT officials decided a few hours earlier that the off-peak evening service would not start in November.

Somerset County Freeholder Peter Palmer and Trustees of the RVRC expressed profound disappointment about the change of plans so late in the discussions. “We have been meeting with NJ TRANSIT officials for a long time to phase in direct train service, and we have proven the Raritan Valley Line (RVL) riders deserve direct train service into NYC. In addition to growing ridership, towns on the RVL have embraced Transit-Oriented Development more than any other line in the state,” said Freeholder Palmer.

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“While a one-seat ride may seem like just a convenience for some commuters, the reality is that it would foster great economic growth along the whole corridor. These are fateful decisions for the Raritan Valley.  We need a groundswell of support from the people living along the Raritan Valley Line – in fact, we need a crusade!”

  -Peter Palmer, Somerset County Freeholder and RVRC Chairman

Facts About the Raritan Valley Rail "One Seat Ride" 

  • Raritan Valley Line is NJ TRANSIT’s only major line with track connectivity to NYC without access to a “One Seat Ride” and it represents 10% of total ridership of all lines with connectivity.
  • Alternative plans to give Raritan Valley access to a “One Seat Ride” such as new rail tunnels are uncertain, costly and at best, many years in the future.
  • “One Seat Ride” currently possible without major construction by using NEW dual powered locomotives.
  • “One Seat Ride” will decrease travel time and increase property values. (When the Morris and Essex line got the “One Seat Ride” in 1996 property values along the line rose significantly.)
  • NJ Transit will soon initiate a “pilot” “One Seat Ride” on the Raritan Valley Line to Penn Station New York for midday, off-peak weekday trains.

ACTION:  We need NJ Transit to permanently and with deliberate speed,

expand the "One Seat Ride" service on the Raritan Valley Line to include

Peak Hour as well as weekend service.